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Still Jobless? Here are 5 Ways Technology Can Boost Your Job Search
March 22, 2018

Still Jobless? Here are 5 Ways Technology Can Boost Your Job Search

Are you still trying to find your dream job, but seem to miss all great opportunities? Maybe it's time to adapt some new technologies to help you increase your chances of getting that job. If you are still jobless, here are 5 great ways technology can boost your job search today.

If you haven’t found any success in looking for a job, there are things you can do which will improve your chances dramatically. Technology is a really useful tool to help you search for a job, as well as making it easier to apply for one when you find it. Use these five tips to get your job search well and truly into the 21st century.

1. Update your social media

Still Jobless? Here are 5 Ways Technology Can Boost Your Job Search

How up to date is your social media? Potential employers may track you down by looking at your LinkedIn profile, Instagram and Twitter pages, Facebook account, and so on. You need to ensure that these profiles paint a picture of you as a reliable and valuable employee. Delete (or at least set to private) all those photos you were tagged in at teenage parties, getting drunk at college, and so on. Keep your work and education details up to date, and post about your interest in the field where you are looking for work.

2. Get an app

There are lots of ways to search for jobs on the internet, but you can also do it when you’re on the move. Download a job search app that will allow you to upload your CV to their server, so you can easily apply to whatever you find. Getting email alerts from job boards is useful, but you can also take it a step further by getting push notifications every time a job matching your skills is posted.

3. Create a video CV

Still Jobless? Here are 5 Ways Technology Can Boost Your Job Search

This is the newest trend in job seeking, and it’s going to catch on big. Create a CV video in which you describe your skills and experience, your education, and the kind of work that you’re looking for. It’s a way to present yourself as if in an interview, before you even get to that stage. You can post it up on YouTube with your contact details and you may get job offers directly there, but you can also attach it with your job applications.

4. Optimise LinkedIn

We touched on updating your LinkedIn profile earlier, but there’s also a way to really get a lot more use out of it. Start by adding everyone you know and have ever worked with or trained with – this will start your network growing quicker. Make posts about the kind of work you want, and look for companies who are actively recruiting. Add some relevant recruiters to your network and you may get lucky – 90% of recruiters use it to look for new talent.

5. Cool down

There is a lot of pressure to find work when you are out of a job, which can lead to building stress. This isn’t great for your job search, as it means that you will be flustered and nervous, and start making mistakes in your applications. Since one mistake could get your application thrown out immediately, that’s a bad way to go forward. Use a meditation app or something that will get you to spend some time relaxing, rather than thinking about your job search. Do this for fifteen minutes every hour, and use the rest of the time to calmly continue looking without that build-up of stress.

It’s important to keep up with the times when looking for a job. Trends change, and the way recruiters worked ten years ago is very different to the way they go about things now. If you want a good chance of getting a well-paid job in your niche, then you need technology on your side.


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