The Zambian Government has since independence made fundamental milestones in the fight against Corruption.

Various Policy reforms have been instituted since 1964 and all these have aimed at enhancing the fight against Corruption, Public Service Management and Public Service Delivery.



Our Policy Vision as a Country is to build a Nation and its people that are zero tolerant to Corruption;


Through this Policy vision we aim to put in place a robust mechanism to fight Corruption to ensure that the levels of Corruption are reduced through detection and prevention.



The National Anti-Corruption Policy aims at addressing the fight against Corruption in Public Service delivery both in the Public and Private Sectors ensuring that there is:

  1. Strong Legislation on Corruption;
  2. Institutionalisation of Corruption Prevention;
  3. Promotion of a National Integrity System;
  4. Engagement of Civil Society, the Youth, the private Sector and the Traditional leaders.

 Zambia has to a large extent domesticated the International and Regional Protocols Against Corruption. Read More.