As far back as 1996 Cabinet adopted the recommendation of the Attorney-General to have a national consultative legislative, administrative and public education framework for the promotion of ethical behavior and the prevention and combating of corruption in all sectors of Namibian society.  Cabinet furthermore resolved that the consultation process should culminate in a National Consultative Conference on Integrity with the expectation that the conference would reach consensus in respect of a comprehensive multi-sectoral National Integrity Strategy.


The rationale behind this was that Namibia, as a young nation engaged in the complex process of nation-building, had periodic incidents of corruption and gross maladministration and the fear was that the means available to detect such problems and prevent their reoccurrence were inadequate.  The Government therefore opted to take initiatives in favour of good governance, greater accountability, transparency and cooperation in combating corruption.  An Ad Hoc Committee on the promotion of Ethics under the Chairmanship of the Prime Minister was established.  The aforesaid initiative led to the Namibian Government undertaking considerable decisions towards the fight against corruption. Read More