Mozambique Country Report 2011.

Information about the activities undertaken, challenges and statistics GCCC and Conventions For Assinandas scope of corruption in Mozambique, Money Laundering and Drug Trafficking

Under the call now made by SAFAC towards Mozambique was represented at the conference on corruption to take place in Windhoek, Namibia from 7 to 10 November 2011, we hereby make known the activities undertaken in 2010 in As regards corruption and misappropriation of funds or property of the state.
This information contepla activities, performance, challenges, stats, features and conventions within ractificadas corruption by Mozambique.
1. Activities carried out
To ensure uniformity of action and preventive action on procedural activity, the GCCC 3 meetings held nationwide, which were attended by His Excellency the Attorney General's Office, and Directors of the GCCC GPCC, focal points, magistrates and GCCC researchers, as well as the judges of the criminal sections of the Attorney of the City and Maputo Provience. Read more