Mozambique Country Report 2010

The corruption constitutes a threat to the social and economic development of the country, with disastrous implications in the levels of trust of the Government institutions. 

As the corruption, there is the improper appropriation of moneys or goods of the Government in detriment of the interests of the society. 

It has been recognized by Mozambican Government as a crime, that why all the members of the society are called to collaborate and combat against. 

The General Attorney's office and the Anti-Corruption Bureau, they have been  developing, in their competences, actions seeking to prevent and combats to the corruption. 

Several institutions of the Government, in 2009, gave their contribution in the exercise of the competences of Anti-Corruption Bureau, among which can be underlined the general inspection of Finances, the Administrative Court and the financial institutions. 

In concerns to the preventive actions, the Anti-Corruption Bureau accomplished, in coordination with the provincial attorney's offices, 59 lectures against 38 of the previous year. Some of these lectures were accomplished at the request of Ministries, provincial governments and some public institutions. 

They participated in the referred lectures 4.650 public employees and agents, against 6.580, of the previous year, namely judges, prosecutors, bailiffs of the Tribunals and Attorney's offices, leaders at the several levels, employees of the Local Autarchies, police and customs officers, agents of the services of Migration and civil identification. Read More